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Document/Tool Date Description
Reforestation Forecast Methodology v1.1 May 15, 2020 This methodology addresses carbon enhancements (sequestration) associated with reforestation activities that encourage restoration of forest cover.

Summary of Changes from v1.0 to v1.1

Methodology Summary

Reforestation Forecast Methodology v1.0 March 2, 2020 This methodology is no longer available for project submission.
Reforestation Communities Datafile v1.1 March 23, 2020 This tool facilitates quantification of emissions reductions under this methodology and identifies forest communities currently eligible for inclusion in projects.
Forest Type Region Map September 24, 2020 A map depicting the geographic regions to assist in determining a project’s forest type(s).
GIS Forest Type Region Shapefile September 24, 2020 A GIS shapefile that can be downloaded for use with GIS software to assist in identifying the region(s) the project is in when determining a project’s forest type(s).
Reforestation Project Goals Form March 2, 2020 This form facilitates fulfilling the requirements for reporting on the suitability of the site for reforestation.
Reforestation Project Implementation Report March 23, 2020 This report is prepared by the project proponent and must be submitted to both the confirmation team and the Reserve.

Public Overview Webinar

The Reserve hosted a webinar to discuss the Climate Forward Reforestation Methodology: a New Approach That Shifts Carbon Project Economics on March 12, 2020.

Public Comments

The public comment period on the draft v1.0 methodology closed on December 20, 2019. Public comments received and staff responses to comments are available below.

Public Comment Webinar

The Reserve hosted a webinar on December 4, 2019 to discuss the draft v1.0 forecast methodology and solicit public comment. The webinar recording and slidedeck are available below.


Please contact with any questions about the methodology or methodology development process.