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Methodology Current Version Date Issued Development Status
Dairy Digesters Version 1.0 September 25, 2019 Available for project submission
Pool Covers Version 1.0 in final development
Improved Cook Stoves Version 1.0 September 25, 2019 Available for project submission
Mature Forest Management Version 1.0 March 24, 2020 Available for project submission
Reforestation Version 1.1 May 15, 2020 Available for project submission;
V1.0 available for project submission until March 1, 2021
Solar Photovoltaic Version 1.0 September 25, 2019 Undergoing update. Until the updated methodology is released, if you are considering developing a solar photovoltaic project under the Climate Forward program, please contact

Methodology Guidelines

Forecast methodologies contain the eligibility rules, quantification methods, documentation requirements, and confirmation requirements that ensure the consistency and rigor of GHG reduction accounting for a specific mitigation project. When the Reserve has not already approved a forecast methodology applicable to a mitigation project a project proponent wants to undertake, the project proponent will need to develop a forecast methodology and submit it to the Reserve for approval. The Reserve will only issue FMUs for forecasted GHG under an approved forecast methodology.

Criteria for Forecast Methodologies
Forecast methodologies must contain the following sections, each of which are described in more detail in the Climate Forward Program Manual:

  1. Definition of the mitigation project
  2. Start date
  3. Demonstration of additionality
    1. Meeting the Legal Requirement Test
    2. Description and discussion of the performance standard test(s)
  4. Description of market expansion focus
  5. Discussion of environmental and social safeguards (if applicable)
  6. Demonstration of ex-ante suitability
  7. Crediting period and rationale
  8. Bundling and aggregation of projects
  9. GHG Assessment Boundary
  10. Leakage accounting
  11. Description and justification of chosen baseline scenario
  12. Estimation of GHG reductions, including assumptions to ensure conservativeness
  13. Ex-Ante Risk Pool Contribution
  14. Ensuring permanence (if applicable)
  15. Project implementation and confirmation
  16. Voluntary ongoing monitoring incentive
  17. Confirmation activities

For detailed information about methodology guidelines, please refer to the Climate Forward Program Manual.

Submit a Methodology

When the Reserve has not already approved a forecast methodology applicable to a mitigation project, the project proponent will need to propose a forecast methodology for approval. The Reserve will only issue mitigation credits for forecasted GHG reductions estimated and confirmed under an approved forecast methodology. The Reserve reserves the right to reject any submitted methodology that does not meet the standards for high environmental integrity described in the Climate Forward Program Manual. The decision to approve or reject a methodology is solely at the discretion of the Reserve.

Proposed forecast methodologies are reviewed by the Reserve and by third party technical experts (peer reviewers), if necessary, and will also undergo a public comment review process. The process for third party technical expert review will be initiated as soon as the Reserve determines that third party technical expert review is warranted. The Reserve will work with the project proponent to revise the forecast methodology to meet the principles of the program. Once a forecast methodology has been approved by the Reserve, mitigation projects may be submitted and issued mitigation credits using that approved methodology. See below for an overview of the forecast methodology approval process. For a more detailed description of the forecast methodology approval process, please see the Forecast Methodology Approval Manual.

Methodology Forms

Document Description Project/Account Phase Privilege
Forecast Methodology Screening Form A form that must be completed for each proposed forecast methodology that describes the project activity and how the methodology intends to meet Climate Forward requirements. Prior to Forecast Methodology development Private
Forecast Methodology Template A template that methodology developers must use once the Forecast Methodology Screening Form has been reviewed and approved by the Reserve. The form provides guidance to methodology developers and streamlines the Reserve’s review process. Forecast Methodology development Public
Forecast Methodology Assessment Agreement Form An agreement that must be completed and signed by the forecast methodology developer and the Reserve. The agreement grants the Reserve title and license to use and amend the methodology once it is submitted to the Reserve. The agreement also indemnifies the Reserve and releases it of all liability. Prior to Forecast Methodology submittal Private
Forecast Methodology Approval Manual A document that summarizes the overall policies and procedures related to the scoping, development, and review of Forecast Methodologies under Climate Forward. General Public