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Climate Forward projects are required to undergo a one-time confirmation by an accredited confirmation body to affirm that the project has been implemented in conformance with the applicable forecast methodology and that the estimated emission reductions have been calculated accurately. In order to conduct confirmation activities for projects listed or registered on the Program, the confirmation body Project Expert must be trained by the Reserve and pass the Reserve’s General Confirmation Training, and attend the relevant methodology-specific webinar.

About confirmation activities:

  • Confirmation bodies follow guidelines set forth in the Reserve’s Climate Forward Program Manual and Climate Forward Confirmation Manual, as well as rules and procedures described in the specific confirmation guidance that is included in each approved forecast methodology.
  • Confirmation activities may not commence prior to one year following the project start date in order to establish an observable level of project performance, unless otherwise specified by the forecast methodology.
  • The confirmation incorporates both a desktop documentation review and a site visit assessment of the project.
  • Beyond criteria for the confirmation of mitigation project implementation, the confirmation body also confirms Project Resilience Measures as specified in the forecast methodology that are to be undertaken to ensure the continued implementation of the mitigation project for the duration of its crediting period. The confirmation body assesses whether such measures have been appropriately implemented during the site visit.
  • The Confirmation Body submits a Confirmation Statement and Confirmation Report that provide the basis for determining the quantity of forecasted mitigation units (FMUs) that can be issued to the project. The Reserve makes these documents publicly available.
  • Registration and FMU issuance are contingent upon successful confirmation by an accredited confirmation body and the submission and approval of all required forms and documents, including, but not limited to:
    • Attestation of Title
    • Attestation of Legal Additionality
    • Attestation of Regulatory Compliance
    • Project Implementation Report
    • Confirmation Report, Confirmation Statement, and List of Findings (see Climate Forward Confirmation Manual)

Overview of Steps for a Confirmation Body to become accredited in a specific methodology. Please see Confirmation Body Requirements for more details.

  • ISO 14065 accreditation through an IAF member body (e.g., ANSI, EMA)
  • Have at least two staff accredited as a Project Expert through attending and passing the “General Confirmation Training” provided by the Reserve
  • Have at least two Project Experts attend a methodology specific webinar