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How It Works

Developing a Project and Receiving Credits through Climate Forward

Companies, organizations and other entities that develop projects and are credited Forecast Mitigation Units® (FMUs) are called Project Proponents. They must be Climate Forward account holders to participate in the program. Projects may be developed according to a forecast methodology that has already been approved or the Project Proponent may choose to submit a new forecast methodology for Climate Forward review and approval.

Please see the section on Methodologies for additional information.

Acquiring Climate Forward Credits for Retirement

Companies, organizations and other entities that need to mitigate emissions from future projects will find FMUs to be the ideal option. In some instances, an entity needing FMUs may be a Project Proponent that developed its own project and was directly credited FMUs. If an entity is not a Project Proponent itself, it may connect directly with Project Proponents to arrange the purchase and transfer of FMUs.

Recommending and Supporting the Use of Climate Forward

Government agencies, law firms, urban planners, advocacy groups and others may recommend the use of Climate Forward for regulatory compliance and voluntary purposes because of the rigorous, transparent nature of the program.