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Confirmation Training 

Upcoming Confirmation Trainings 

The Reserve requires that each confirmation body employ a minimum of two Project Experts. This ensures that each confirmation team includes at least two certified Project Experts: one to serve as the Team Lead and one to serve as the Senior Internal Reviewer. 

  • A Team Lead is a Project Expert who is employed by an accredited Verification Body and directs, supervises and leads verification services. The Team Lead has the authority to sign the Confirmation Report and Confirmation Statement. Team Leaders must complete the confirmation body’s internal training processes and procedures and pass the Reserve’s general and methodology-specific training courses 
  • A Senior Internal Reviewer is a Project Expert who is employed by an accredited confirmation body to perform a final quality assurance review of the project data, the Confirmation Report, and the List of Findings. The Senior Internal Reviewer must sign the Confirmation Statement attesting to the accuracy of reported data. It is crucial that the Senior Internal Reviewer remain independent of all confirmation activities in order to maintain objectivity and independence in the final review. 

For the general confirmation training required for Project Experts, the final step in the certification process is a Reserve-administered exam, which is comprised of multiple choiceshort essay questions, and a quantification section. To prepare, Project Experts should study the Climate Forward Program Manual, Climate Forward Confirmation Manual, review the ISO 14064 series, and successfully complete the confirmation training. After passing the general exam and participating in a methodology-specific webinar, the individual becomes a Reserve-recognized Project Expert and will be provided a certificate as proof. Methodology-specific webinars do not include an exam.  

Certifications are valid for 3 years, at which point the Project Experts must retake the general confirmation exam to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the current program and any related updates. Retaking the training course is not necessary unless the Reserve has made significant changes to the program. The individual Project Expert is provided with the certification, but it is only applicable when he or she is employed or contracted by an accredited confirmation body.  

Project Experts who do not pass, choose not to take, or are unable to complete the exam on the date it is given will receive a certificate of training completion, but will not have met the Reserve’s training requirements. These individuals have one year from the original date of the course to pay an administrative fee and re-take the exam. If more than one year has passed, they must re-take both the training and the exam. 

Please refer to the Climate Forward Events Page for a schedule of upcoming trainingsTo re-take an exam, please contact Holly Davison at [email protected] 

Refund Policy 

Cancellations to any Reserve training must be made in writing to [email protected] a minimum of two weeks prior to the training start date. Cancellations will receive a 50% refund of the registration fee. Refunds will be issued within 30 business days after the training concludes. No refunds will be issued for requests made after the two week deadline. The Reserve will not make exceptions to this policy. However, if the Reserve cancels the training, the registrant will receive a full refund. 

Registrations can at any point be transferred to a future training or to another colleague. Please submit any change requests in writing to Holly Davison at [email protected].