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Program Manual

The Climate Forward Program Manual summarizes the overarching principles, general project accounting guidelines, and rules and procedures for approving methodologies, registering projects, and creating FMUs.

Program Manual revision

The Program Manual was most recently revised in 2021. A public comment period was held from July 19 – August 16, 2021.

Confirmation Manual

The Climate Forward Confirmation Manual details the requirements of its confirmation program and provides approved confirmation bodies with a standardized approach to the independent and rigorous confirmation of project implementation and estimates of GHG emissions reductions and removals. Confirmation refers to an independent third party (“Confirmation Body”) conducting a site visit and desk audit to confirm the mitigation project has been implemented in accordance with the requirements in the relevant approved forecast methodology and the Climate Forward Program Manual.

Climate Forward Program Fee Schedule

The Reserve imposes required fees that are charged to account holders during the project submittal and registration process. A summary of those fees is below:

Account and Credit Issuance Fees
Account Setup Fee
Fee charged upon application for an account
Project Submittal Fee (per project)
Fee charged upon submission of a project under a Reserve-approved forecast methodology
Issuance Fee (per credit)
Fee charged per credit issued after a project has received final approval from the Reserve
Transfer Fee (per credit, paid by transferor)
Fee charged for the transfer of credits between account holders
Retirement (per credit retired)
Fee charged to move credits to a locked retirement account and issue retirement certificate
No charge

The Reserve imposes required fees that are charged to methodology developers during the methodology submittal and review process. For scenarios that are not clearly described in the below table, the Reserve maintains the right to make a case by case determination on the appropriate fee to be charged. A summary of fees related to methodology submittal and review is below:

Methodology Approval Fees
Review fee for new methodologies and modifications to Reserve-approved forecast methodologies [1] $7,500
Peer review fee for new methodologies and methodology revisions [2] Variable
Review fee per new default value for an existing parameter within relevant methodology parameters document $500
Reforestation – Review fee for new projection (quantification parameter, per projection)[3] $1,500
[1] The methodology screening fee includes two rounds of internal review by the Reserve. The methodology screening fee may be increased for additional reviews, if necessary.
[2] The cost for peer review is based on the cost of external third-party experts to participate in the evaluation of the methodology. These costs will be based on the complexity of the methodology and resulting time and expertise required for peer review.
[3] Contact the Reserve if you anticipate submitting multiple projections for one project.